Feel Things is an Atlanta based internet radio station with a satellite studio in NYC. Listen live up top↑ or FOR An EVEN BETTER EXPERIENCE GET OUR FREE APP BELOW. dive into our ARCHIVE pAGE for past shows and exclusive FTR material.  

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The Friday Night Main Event (FNME) is a weekly mix show hosted by Brad Hoss + Rick Rab broadcasting live from our Transmitter Park studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn every Friday night from 7-11p [EST]. The crew hosts guest dj's, performers, artist interviews and call-ins for this freeform radio meets hype 4 hour marathon dj show. Brought to you by Hoss Records. 


The crew made a special trip down to ATL to shoot a FNME video pilot @ Williams Street studios. Featuring a live set & chat with Fit Of Body (Ryan Parks, proprietor of Atlanta’s Harsh Riddims label).  Check out the video below.




Dub Everything, Episode 4 ~ LISTEN


You.know.me. PLAYLISTS

For our YKM playlist series we give guest curators no boundaries. Twenty songs minimum is all we ask. 


    ❐   D J   M I X E S   ❐    





CURRENT ftr shows





Grey Matter is a new mix series by ATL dj_producer Chris Devoe focussed on varying themes, moods and exercises for the brain. 


Rap related youtube playlists compiled by hip hop writer, archivist and straight up enthusiast Austin Wheeler (aka Judge). Some heavy east coast sounds here - some familiar and some forgotten. 

Vol. 3: "Filtered Fridays"


A 42 track compilation of boom bap essentials all revolving around filtered samples. 

Vol. 2: "Axe To Grind"

Notable records all containing samples from David Axelrod's illustrious catalog.

Vol. 1: "Funky Pianos"

40 boom bap records all based around piano samples. Drums and piano were the killer combo of 90's sample based music.





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