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top picks from the squad



UNTRIED FM playlist series featuring unreleased friend gems, youtube rips and mp3 rarities. 



JUST UPLOADED ⎿⌓⏌A Dungeon Family retrospective mix by Baltimore's DJ Hybex 'DEEP IN THE DUNGEON FOR THESE MANY MONTHS'  LISTEN 

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For our "You Don't Know Me" playlist series we give guest curators no boundaries. Twenty songs minimum is all we ask. 





The Friday Night Main Event (FNME) is a weekly mix show hosted by Brad Hoss + Rick Rab broadcasting live and direct from our Transmitter Park studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn every Friday night from 8-12p. The crew hosts guest dj's, performers, artist interviews, live electronics and call-ins for this freeform radio meets hype 4 hour marathon dj mix show. Brought to you by FTR + Hoss Records.


Recently the crew made a special trip down to ATL to shoot a FNME video pilot @ Williams Street / Adult Swim studios with the Bloodfeast crew. The video features a live set & chat with Fit Of Body aka Ryan Parks, proprietor of Atlanta’s Harsh Riddims label. Check out the video below and look out for more FNME video accompaniments dropping in upcoming months. 


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Vol. 3: "Filtered Fridays"


A 42 track compilation of boom bap era essentials all revolving around filtered samples.  



                      ⚠️ FNME flyer gallery ⚠️  





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