N’CHI is an art gaming experience founded by artist Jakob Dwight which allows players to inhabit a newly discovered planet where they can take up tribal and civic avatars and engage in an ongoing and interactive sci-fi narrative. Focussed on the progressive sounds of interstellar Africa, Dwight’s playlist acts as a backdrop to the N’CHI platform with such a connected and humanistic quality running throughout. The N'CHI platform is designed to give new tools to exploring cultural evolution and diffusion, the spread of cultural forms, artifacts, processes, services, ideas and memes, from one population to another... and additionally aims to initiate a broader conversation of cultural diffusion/exchange versus appropriation. Where should or could the boundaries of cultures be rightly drawn, are they necessary, to whom does culture belong?

Stay tuned for more collaborations between FTR and N'CHI, including the N’CHI FM series where the languages and stories in many of these songs, and answers to many of these questions, will be elucidated through interviews with the artists.