Feel Things is an Atlanta based internet radio station with a satellite studio in NYC. Listen live up top⇡ or FOR An EVEN BETTER LISTENING EXPERIENCE GET OUR FREE APP BELOW. dive into our ARCHIVE pAGE for past shows and exclusive FTR material.  

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#FNME | 7-11 est | FRIDAYS

The Friday Night Main Event (FNME) is a weekly mix show hosted by Brad Hoss + Rick Rab broadcasting live from our Transmitter Park studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn every Friday night from 7-11. The crew hosts guest dj's, performers, artist interviews and call-ins for this freeform radio meets hype 4 hour marathon dj mix show. Brought to you by Hoss Records.

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⏤ The FNME crew made a special trip down to ATL to shoot a video pilot @ Williams Street studios. Featuring a live set & chat with Fit Of Body (Ryan Parks, proprietor of Atlanta’s Harsh Riddims label). 

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🐣 JUST ADDED: DrumsOnFire#4 (Uncut)


Heavy bass sounds and planetary rhythms from ATL's D.O.F. crew.  


You.know.me. PLAYLISTS

For our YKM playlist series we give guest curators no boundaries. Twenty songs minimum is all we ask. 


    ❐   D J   M I X E S   ❐    





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Rap related youtube playlists compiled by Judge.

A 42 track compilation of 90's boom bap essentials all revolving around filtered samples. Some heavy east coast sounds here - some familiar and some forgotten. Featuring tracks by Ill Breed, Black Moon, Kurious, Mobb Deep and Heltah Skelta. 






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